Austin Girls Fall League Basketball Team: Be Fierce!

Austin Girls Basketball Fall League

What: 2023 Fierce Preseason Fall Training and Sunday League at Akins HS

When:  Training Begins Mondays August, 28 thru 10/19 6-7 PM.  Akins League Fall Games begin Sundays starting 9/17 and end October 15th.

Where:  Training is at Fitzhugh Baptist Church.  Sunday Fall League Games are at Akins High School.


  • This Team opportunity is for the 9th grade level but is open to 8th grade and 9th grade.
  • Coach will be Harvey Vaughn and Trainer will be Chris Corbett.

Why: Here are some of the top reasons why players should play in Fall League and do preseason training:

  1. Austin Fall League for Girls BasketballGet the rust off.  Summer vacations, the heat, and back to school often create moments that take us off track.  It’s part of life.   Many times there are restorative and renergizing benefits from layoffs and alternative focuses.   But as the season approaches, you can get the rust off in Fall League and under Fierce guidance.
  2. Skill sharpening, development and shooting.
  3. Build muscles and prehab the body to reduce the possibility of the injuries like ankle and knee sprains etc.   We will spend some time each week working on prehab.
  4. Conditioning – we will take a pulse to determine what current states are, what you are doing in school during the week, and what you need. It may be a bit different for each player.  As an example, private school girls without double block basketball class during the week could probably use basketball conditioning work.  Some of the LTHS and Dripping Springs and Bowie girls may need less.  We will figure it out to help maximize your conditioning without pushing you past scientific based returns.
  5. Technical proficiency- time spent away from Fierce often can allow some bad habits to reform or be picked up.  We help you dial in the technical side of the game and skills to help you peak for your High School Season.
  6. Social Momentum- Let’s face it, the Fierce Family is fun.  And we do our best collectively… families, teammates, coaches, and trainers to help you access the joy of the game while managing the competitive anxiety it presents.  We help you get your mind in the right place.
  7. Mental Fortitude and Nutrition – we help you develop frameworks, rituals, and internal conversations to fuel your mind and have it work for you, not against you.  Fiercely strong, and fiercely kind (even to yourself).
  8. Continued Basketball IQ Development – sure we wish we could turn on the faucet of brilliance and let the learning flow like a river.  But the reality is basketball iq is formed with a steady drip and each game adds up to more knowledge.  
  9. Continued progress with professional feedback.

Austin Girls Basketball Team


Cost: $399

Bonus: Signup in next 48 hours and get two free Second Sunday Eve Clinics (Will be scheduled around game times) $100 value.

Add ons: High School Age Girls can add on the Monday night Real Run Scrimmage program.

Here were the details from Akins Fall League Founder Billy James who has been a reliable partner thru the years.  

It’s time to sign your team(s) up for our 20th Annual High School Girls Fall Basketball League at Akins HS.
Games will be played on Sunday afternoons, beginning at 1pm, from September 10th through October 16th.
Fierce will field a team in the 9th grade division.  Both 8th and 9th grade players are eligible to be on this team.  Please text me if you are interested in this training and offering.
Games format:
(4) 10 minute quarters, running clock except for the last 2minutes of each half (2nd & 4th quarter).
2 Timeouts per half (They do not carry over)
** 2 Shot Bonus on the 5th Foul of each quarter. (No One and One Free Throws)
4 Minute Half Time
2 Minute Over Time, running clock 1st minute, stop clock the last minute
2nd Over Time – 3 Player Free Throw Shootout
Spectator Entry Fee – $3 Adults / $1 Students
Hope to see you and your teams in the league.

Team Training

Team training will be built on 5 main priorities:

  1. Physical and Mental Conditioning for Preseason
  2. Shooting and Scoring: we work on form and accountbility and fun.
  3. Ball-handling
  4. Defense: on the ball and off the ball defense
  5. Rebounding mindset, techniques, and execution.

Team Training will be led by professional basketball trainer Chris Corbett and Coach Harvey Vaughn on occasion for team concepts.

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Have Questions?  Want a tryout?

Text Chris Corbett to setup a phone call 512-921-4444.