2022 Season for HS Girls

You Are Invited To Be Fierce


We will have two teams for the HS divisions.

Fierce Red

Fierce Red will have Varsity level players (or equivalent talent) 12th grade and under.

Fierce Blue

Fierce Blue will have players 10th grade and under.  We have very big expectations for the growth, joy, and future of this team. They will start by playing 10th grade levels but they will move up dependent upon their progress as they win and come together.  Fierce Blue will scrimmage weekly with and against Fierce Red.   In the possibility of injury or illness, Fierce Blue players could be moved up to Fierce Red for spot duty.

Fierce Blue is on a very accelerated growth path.  We can’t wait.

Season: March 1 thru June 12

Red & Blue Team Skills Practice:  7:00 – 9:00 Tuesdays

Red Team Practice: 7:00 – 9:00 Wednesdays

Blue Team Practice:  6:00 to 8:00 Wednesdays



Weekends March 1 thru June 12.

Any Questions: Text me at 512-921-4444 to set up phone call so we can answer any and all questions or concerns.  Please speak your mind freely, no questions are too dumb or selfish.

Girls Basketball Tournaments Overview

75% of these tournaments are what I would call highly competitive to win.   This will be a tougher schedule than the 2021 schedule.  The basketball tournament logistics are often disappointing.  The complete opposite of an Austin swim meet.

We often don’t get game times until Thursday or Friday for a weekend tournament.  There are indeed more real obstacles (like being at the mercy of school district facilities, Covid dropouts and scheduling etc) and there is the laissez-faire attitude of some people running the tournaments.

We have aimed to take on the more reliable tournament providers, but there are no guarantees.  Having two children of my own, owning a business, etc., my time is valuable too and we will do everything within our power to respect your time at a level not seen in Austin select basketball.

Austin Select Basketball Tournament Schedule

Fierce Red and Blue has a goal of 25-30 game schedule.   We will be playing those tournaments between March 1 and June 12.

We will be playing in Greater Austin, Dallas (twice for Red, once for Blue) and a San Antonio tournaments.

We will also be trying to schedule well organized scrimmages.  Red vs Blue.   Blue and Red combo games, Coaches vs. Blue and Red.  Fierce Alumni vs Red and Blue.  Boys vs Fierce.    Locations would be other clubs’ facilities or Fitzhugh.

Our goal is to develop, become competitive, and have fun.   We will also be having a college basketball seminar and teach our players how to open direct lines of communication with college programs rather than hoping to be noticed at exposure tournaments which have been highly overrated in actual results for kids.


Tentative Tournament Schedule for Fierce Red

  1. 3/26-3/27    Gametime 1 Day Tourney in Austin
  2. 4/2 -4/3        Magic Invitational in Round Rock
  3. 4/22 – 24       Lone Star Chanpionship (NCAA LIVE EVENT) Dallas
  4. 4/30 – 5/1      Spurs Tournament in Austin
  5. 5/22 -24         Clash of the Clubs (NCAA LIVE EVENT)     Dallas
  6. 5/28- 5/29*   All Eyez on She in Austin
  7. 6/4-6/5           Spurs Tournament in San Antonio
  8. 6/11 – 6/12      TJ Showcase in Austin / Round Rock

*We will vote on whether we want to do All Eyez or replace it on other date due to Memorial Day.

Summer Extended Play

In May we will have a discussion if anyone wants to extend the season and play another NCAA certified event or two.  Big ones include Louisville and Orlando.  I personally think you should hear about other summer exposure offers.    Prospect camps, individual showcases and more.  There is zero pressure to extend the season.

Tentative Fierce Blue Team Schedule

This will be the same as Fierce Red, but we will poll and eliminate one of the Dallas trips.     We would then replace that with another local tournament.




Fierce Girls Select Basketball Practices

Practices are not optional.  If you miss practice, you don’t start and playing time is likely reduced that weekend.  And yes that includes “excused absences.”  Absences happen.  Illness, injury, family matters, etc.   And yes, sometimes the mental health day.  Or a parent day (imagine that for a minute.)  We do not want you at practice sick, so please also keep that in mind.   If you are sick, and then well by tourney, you may not start, but minutes will not likely be hurt once you see what we are doing.

Your player not starting is not a punishment.   It is simply about choices and consequences that they will be experiencing in life.   This is likely the standard at their high school and beyond programs and we want to prepare them for that commitment.   I also expect that this season have us all embrace a sense of grace for each other, our families and the game.  This year is special.  We are all special.  Our year will encompass that.

All practices are at Fitzhugh Baptist Church Gym


Basketball Mental Health Support

We are not psychologists, but we are acutely aware of many of the problems our young women face playing basketball today.   We cover some of these topics on a regular basis to help support them on their journey and also to make sure they don’t feel isolated.

Need professional help?

For girls who need a professional we highly recommend Shayna Barksdale at https://austintherapyforgirls.com/

Follow me on Instagram @austinyouthbasketball for some of these types of resources.


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Girls Select Basketball Tryouts and Invites


If I have personally sent you this link via email or text, you have been seen, trained by me or scouted by me.  If you have found us online or were referred to us, we will set up an individual workout for you after a phone consultation and hearing your goals.


If you have received an invite from us… congratulations.  We are an exclusive boutique program.  We cut players every year and don’t have teams for everyone.

We like who you are, have watched you, and also done background research on you.

We want you as part of our FAMILY.

You have two days (Saturday morning I will check at noon) to accept the commitment to the schedule and pay the invoice via registration button below (if you have a cash flow issue, call me.)   Once we determine who wishes to join, we will then move to the players next on the list.  And the prospective players trying out will be made aware of that in the interest of transparency.

Fierce has a waiting list of interested players now, and many are talented.   We will have a team this year, unlike some other clubs who will have tryouts and may not be able to form a team.  Your coaching staff is set.   Your gym is set.  Your practice schedule is set, and your tournament schedule is almost set. Curriculum and philosophy are set.   We have a highly talented group of coaches and trainers and parents to support your most valuable asset… YOU or your basketball player child.

Bonuses (Valued at $600) for Fierce Family Paid in Full By Jan 24th

  • Playing College Basketball Overview Seminar $49
    • This program will teach you how to evaluate the possibility of playing and what your next steps are.
    • There will be a 5 week “Done With You” Workshop where we will help you actually do the marketing steps to be able to directly sell your skills to college coaches.  This will be a A La Carte paid program but Fierce players will get 25% off.  Parents must attend the first workshop.
  • President’s Day Ballhandling and Buckets Clinic  $59
    • Work on finishing moves and shooting off the dribble
    • Reduce anxiety with our proven techniques
    • Learn to actually use these moves in games, not just drills
  •   Semi Private Personalized Shooting Instruction Session $60
    • In the last two weeks of February we will have two days available for you to sign up for shooting makeovers or tuneups on Dr. Dish Shooting Machine.  2 players per session.
    • This will also include slow motion filming and breakdown to aid you.
    • We are professional shooting coaches.  We can help you.
  • Player Evaluation Summary Sheet $100
    • These are just like the self evaluation sheets you filled out at tryouts
    • This is the same format may college scouts use to evaluate you.  i have used this sheet to evaluate players for college coaches.
    • One of our professional staff will fill this out.  Most likely me.
    • We will wait up to one month from start to fill these out so we can accurately share feedback with youCollege Basketball Prospect Evaluation (1)
  • Customized Player Development Plan  $150
    • Two pages of details on what your focus should be with us this season to improve your skills.   And how we can support that focus
  • Vertical & Explosiveness Evaluation and Training Workshop $59
      • Have your vertical jump measured, your basketball specific explosiveness timed, and get our Video Course for Vertical Training
  • Sand Training Clinic & Videos $49
        • this supplements your vertical training and introduces the lessons I learned working to develop this with Olympian Eric Fonoimoana, Beach Volleyball Gold Medalist.
        • We will meet at a beach volleyball court here in Austin.
  • Basketball Body-weight Strength Course & Clinic $49
    • An official Coachtube course and 30 day challenge you can preview here: https://coachtube.com/course/basketball/basketball-strength-with-body-weight-exercises/1780175
    • This course is a prerequisite for any resistance training program used to improve strength on the basketball court. Although athletes of all ages will benefit from the following exercises, the focus of this 30-day challenge is on the development of the middle school and high school basketball player in a safe and functional manner.
  • 3 Pop Up Open Basketball Gyms $40
    • No coaching
    • Music
    • Invite a friend too

Best Girls AAU Basketball in Austin


Returning players or invited players can guarantee their spot with payment now.   We do have more interest than available spots.   We need to know how many spots will be available ASAP so all players can find the right fit within the deadlines that seem to move up each season.  We need to announce this week how many spots we have available so need this commitment by Feb 1.

If cash flow is a problem (this year has been tough!) Please call me to discuss.  512-921-4444

Austin Select Basketball Fees With Fierce Red $1499 (if you already have uniform.)  Click button below.

Registration Deposit

Austin Select Basketball Fees With Fierce Red $1699 (with full uniform package).  Click below.

Registration Deposit

Austin Select Basketball Fees With Fierce Blue $1399 (if you already have uniform.)  Click button below.

Registration Deposit


Austin Select Basketball Fees With Fierce Blue $1599 (if you already have uniform.) Click button below.

Registration Deposit

Girls Select Basketball Dripping Springs

What This Breaks Down to Per Hour of Basketball:

Your player will have 100  hours of basketball available to them including some of the seminars and online training we will add.  This breaks down to less than $15 per hour of basketball development.  When you compare this against other programs you will find we are not only the top pros to teach your child, but we are the best value.  We are highly confident we have put together the best team and curriculum to help your kids reach their basketball goals.  We know we could put together a lower price program.  Hire a coach with no real experience or experience that does not help your player grow stronger.  Someone who did not play at a high level.  Maybe someone no longer passionate about the game or developing young people.  We know we could have practice once a week and make believe we are all getting better and half our gym costs.  We think that is a waste of time and money, so we tried to create a program that delivered results and the best value.  We are confident you will see the value.


Best Girls Select Basketball Team South Austin

What Fees Don’t Include:

  • Uniforms.  We will be ordering new uniforms this year for new players only.  If your uniform does not fit we need to know immediately.   We do buy premium uniforms.  The total cost to be approx $200.  The package includes backpacks, reversible practice jerseys, reversible uniforms for games, and a shooting shirt.   The reviews from our players have been excellent.  Look at the registration buttons carefully.  Choose appropriately re uniform to include it in your payment.
  • Your travel and hotel expenses if when we go out of town.  You may opt for a hotel in San Antonio or opt to drive home.   We would prefer the team stay together in a hotel.
  • Some social events that will either be a potluck or shared expenses.   We are not going to Hawaii no matter what Ellie says, so these are not big costs.  Social events will be taking into consideration the climate of Covid and will likely be outside.
  • Food during tournaments.  We are going to recommend we stay near but not inside the tournament facilities.  We are coming up with an outdoor tailgate plan as possible but due to Covid and picky eaters we will ask that everyone bring their own food.   Weather may present some challenges and restaurants can be discussed but each family’s Covid decisions and values will be respected as possible.
  • Player Insurance $16 per year.   We will become an AAU team so we can qualify for coach, club, and player insurance.
  • Additional tournaments over 8.   There will be votes taken on that.  Most will cost between $300 and $750 with coaching expense.  Fees would be split between attending players.  If we were to play or be invited to a special tournament right after our season ended… we might consider that.  It would be optional.

Austin womens select basketball club (1080 x 1920 px)

Even More Summer Basketball?

If our players progress as we suspect, we can consider playing in July.   We do wish to provide them with a richer and more competitive experience this year, so please let me know via phone if your player has July commitments.    We do have several college prospects and they may also want to be doing ID camps etc.  We can discuss best options for your player and family.  There is zero pressure to continue on.

Training & Camp Opportunities

Austin Basketball Training for GirlsAustin Youth Basketball holds personalized training groups and also many camps and clinics to help your child to progress.    Your child will receive a VIP Code for 20% off during the season for any camps or clinics (at Fitzhugh location only) we hold to encourage their participation.     Personalized training is a set fee but we will try to move your child past any waiting list we have depending on the time of year.