Fun Fierce

Here are some ideas we are looking at to try.  Not every single time, but mixing it up.  We will get some polling on this.


  • Leadership will bring a table, napkins, and cooler. We will also bring the game bin and a Bluetooth speaker.
  • Food sign up via will be created and sent out by Heather prior to the tournament. Included in sign up- 1 lb. sliced turkey, peanut/almond butter (barring any team allergies), 2 loaves wheat bread, sliced cheese, 2 12 packs greek yogurt, 2 packages protein bars, fruit, apple sauce, pirate booty. PLEASE ADD FOODS YOU APPROVE OF AS FUEL.
  • GAME BIN- card games, Jenga, board games, Pictionary, coloring books, colored pencils, Bananagrams.
  • TOURNAMENT FOR HOPE- PINK PINK PINK! The team will wear a pink sock, headbands, and we will have pink hairspray ribbons at the game for the girls to use.
  • GOODIE BAGS- for each tournament, will include a snack (sports drink, a small treat, inspirational quote) for each tournament.
  • TEAM AWARDS- MVP, Team Player/Inspirational Player, So, You Did That (incredible move, a noted improvement, anything else you would like to point out). Awards will be a giant candy bar.
  • TEAM LUNCHES- Heather will scout the location ahead of time, make any possible arrangements, communicate with the team.

Team Communication

  • All parents will be reminded that email is the Coach’s primary source of communication.
  • Heather will copy and post relevant emails on the private Fierce FB page, parents will be encouraged to join.
  • A Remind class has been created by Heather. This is an opt-in text service (free) that can be used for last-minute communication and reminders. The link will be provided to parents and players. This is the same service that the schools and many teams use, so everyone should be familiar.

Social Events

  • Movie & Yankee Swap Gift Exchange ($10 limit)- 12/22 at the Corbetts 6:30pm-10:00pm.
  • January- Kick off party after a practice. Pizza, music, cupcakes
  • February, March- possible ideas include, sing-a-long at Alamo, bowling, High5
  • April- family get together at Moontower on a Sunday (family friendly day) 1:00pm-5:00pm
  • May- pool party at Watkins or Fields
  • June- end of season party boat

Giving Back

  • Mobile Loaves & Fishes, Community First Village, reach out to Girl Scouts to maybe host a parent night out and teach basketball to littles.