Fall League Observations

After watching both teams suffering thru a 50 – 6 Fierce win over Akins HS freshman yesterday… I have 3 observations.

1.Austin Girls Basketball Sportsmanship The sportsmanship of the losing team was excellent. When getting your butt kicked, the human character can really be tested. While they did not really get how to not move on screens, they generally played happy and clean basketball. They gave effort. They have no trainer, perhaps less supportive parents, no Harvard and Columbia grads on their coaching bench, a volunteer last minute coach, and at least two teammates who were very accomplished but opted out of playing in that game because they had just played 10 minutes in a Varsity game as freshmen. I tip my hat to those young ladies and their coach that we played yesterday. I also think our girls played hard but restrained overt celebration or showing up the other team. I am proud of their sportsmanship as well.

2. We need to play at the Varsity level next year in Fall leagues. I know it may test our confidence levels… and I suspect the girls may lose to players two years older and 60 lbs heavier in many cases, but I don’t want to play another season in Fall League where we are challenged twice in 6 games. I think the learning comes primarily in losing, not winning.

3. Austin Girls Select Basketball FamilyWe have a FAMILY. I am grateful for all of them. I am also grateful for Doug Kley and more recent contributions from Jillian Borreson to teach and support while on the bench. That is a luxury I cannot say enough about. When our children get in a rut, have anxiety, or struggle, they get real-time support and guidance. I wish I could have a secret microphone on the bench that would capture the strength and kindness of your girls. How they treat each other. How coachable they are. The lack of hidden agendas. The inclusion rather than exclusion. The focus. The fun. You would all be so proud of them and yourself as parents. They are individually and collectively masterpieces.