Lady Magic Shootout Basketball Tournament 5/11


Austin Select Basketball for GirlsLady Magic “Not on Mothers Day Basketball Tournament”



The first two games for Fierce 2022 are at Georgetown HS Annex and the last game is to be determined by our record.   It will be either Georgetown or Wagner MS.  All Fierce 2024 games are at Wagner MS.

Map FOR Georgetown HS Annex

(Fierce 2022 Games 1 & 2, possibly 3 for Fierce 2022. No Fierce 2024 games held at the Annex)


Map For Wagner Middle School

(All games for Fierce 2024 and only a possibility for game 3 for Fierce 2022)




Fierce 2022

Saturday 5/11 10:10 AM, 5:45pm and 7:55pm. First two games are at Georgetown HS Annex.  Third game may be at either the Annex or Wagner MS depending on record.

Fierce 2024  

Saturday 5/11 4:40,   6:50, and 9pm.  All games at Wagner MS.



Due to the times of the games, there will be no food signup.  Please bring appropriate fuel for between the last two games for Fierce 2022.   For Fierce 2024 please bring food for between games as well.


Wear Red uniforms unless told otherwise.

Tournament Rules:


Tournament Schedule: