Pre Player Check In!

Click the button below to Pre Check in for Clash of the Clubs

Pre Player Check In

All players must accomplish two important steps prior to participating in The Clash of the Clubs. They will not receive a player credential until both steps are completed, and they must show their credentials to enter the facility.

1. The NCAA Requires as part of our Post Event Review we know EVERY PLAYER that has participated in our event. This process is mandatory for all players. All Players must provide at least one proof of identification at event check-in:

Driver License – State ID


Report Card

School ID

Birth Certificate

2. The 2024 Clash of Clubs is a stay-to-play event. To be eligible to play, we ask that each participant provide correct and valid lodging information. This form will collect all necessary information. By completing this pre-event overnight accommodation check-in form, your time spent in line will be significantly reduced.

There are 4 options to be compliant

  1. I booked with Team First Travel, Must Provide ARN Number
  2. I didn’t book through Team First Travel – Must provide VALID Conformation numbers
  3. I booked through Airbnb/VRBO/Other – Must Provide Address
  4. Local Team – Address verification (100 mile radius)

Players only have to fill out this form once with the correct information!