Varsity Girls Basketball: The Journey Starts in Middle School

What: Basketball Clinic With Fierce Basketball and Austin Youth Basketball Trainer Chris Corbett

Where:  Fitzhugh Baptist Church Gym

When:  2:00pm – 3:30pm

What to Bring:  A Bottle of Water

Girls Varsity Basketball Journey This clinic will teach you how the journey to Varsity Basketball begins now.  We share the proven strategies to begin this amazing journey today.

Here is the truth, in Dripping Springs, Bowie, and Lake Travis… there are currently 48 to 64 players on their respective middle school teams feeding into DSHS, LTHS, and Bowie.   On average only 5 players from those 48-64 will make it to Varsity.

At private schools the route can be easier, but not always as many private schools are now becoming powerhouses in this area.

The Takeaway

Doing what every one else is doing, is going to get you the results of most everyone else…. not surviving the cut.

We outline the mindset, the skills, the drills, and the habits you must adopt to strive for your own success.

In today’s session we will also go thru a sample workout you can do in your driveway to start working out like a Varsity player.  Here is a preview:

Curriculum: 30 Minute Driveway Basketball Workout

Goal: To improve overall basketball skills and fitness through a short, but intense, workout.

Equipment needed:

  • Basketball
  • Cones or markers
  • Jump rope 

Warm-up (5 minutes):

  • Jog around the driveway or a small area for 1-2 minutes to get the heart rate up.
  • Dynamic stretches, such as walking lunges, high knees, and leg swings, to prepare the muscles for the workout.
  • Practice dribbling the basketball while walking or jogging to warm up the hands and get comfortable with the ball.

Workout (12 minutes):

  • Setup cones for x out drill to elbows.  Count how many layups in one minute.  1 dribble only after the cone. 2 free throws.  One minute off. 
  • Setup cones for x out drill to elbow extended to three point line.  Count how many layups in  one minute. One dribble only after the cone… you can dribble at the cone as you turn then take another.  Two free throws, one minute off.  
  • Repeat this, but  turn the corner on the cone and take that dribble then one more, go between the legs and finish on the other side of rim. Two free throws, one minute off. 
  • Work the finishing moves series with the Hardcore Handles Series. Make 1 of each. Work right hand one day, left the next.  Two free throws at end. 
  • Take a short break to catch your breath and grab a drink of water.
  • Defensive Slide Drills from elbow to elbow 30 seconds, building to 1 minute over 3 weeks.  2 free throws, 1 minute 
  • Steve Nash Spin Out Drill 1 minute from 15 feet. Two free throws.  1 minute break. 
  • Steve Nash Spin Out Drill 1 minute from three point line. 
  • 5 minutes jump rope
  • Max Pushups good form 
  • 20 chair squats
  • Max pushups good form
  • 10 reverse lunges each leg
  • Roll out on basketball